Where is ITL located?

We work from private offices in the Seattle Washington area.

Will you match a cheaper quote I received from another company?

Many brokers that you will find online will Low-Bid a quote for a potential customer to acquire the business. They will typically charge a deposit and wait until the customer contacts them to inquire about the progress of the move. This is when the broker will inform the customer that they will require more money to complete the move OR they will allow the driver to collect more money before they will deliver your vehicle as “Ad-Ons”.
For this reason, we cannot match the quotes of other companies. Our Quotes are All Inclusive and Guaranteed. We strongly encourage our customers to do some research on the company they are considering doing business with and ask if the company will “Guarantee the Quote“. This simple question can save you time and money in the long run.

Will ITL share or sell my contact information?

Never! If you enter your personal contact information in to one of those “10 Free Transport Quotes” sites, you’re allowing that site to sell your information to as many buyers that will pay for it and for as long as they can make money from your information.
ITL never pays for customer information and will never share or sell your personal information to anyone.

Can I ship any personal items in my vehicle during transport?

Auto Transport companies are not licensed or insured to transport personal items inside the vehicles. There are some minor allowances that can be discussed before the order is placed. Please consult your ITL representative.

How will my vehicle be shipped?

Vehicles shipped to or from anywhere in The Lower 48 US States will be loaded on to an Auto Transport trailer and transported by truck from pickup to delivery. Vehicles transported to or from Alaska and Hawaii will be transported on a cargo Steamship.

Do I need to be at the pickup or delivery location?

Someone will need to be available at the pickup and delivery locations to release and accept delivery of your vehicle. You can assign someone to release or accept your vehicle for you. We will just need their contact information when you complete your order form.

Will you pick-up or deliver to my home address?

We can enter your residential address for pickup and delivery. Someone will need to be available at both locations to meet the driver near the residence in an Auto Transport truck accessible area.

How and When do I pay for my vehicle transport?

Ask your ITL representative about our 3 different payment options. You can choose which option works best for you.

What is the difference between Open or Enclosed Transport?

We can provide either Open or Enclosed Transport in most traffic lanes. Open transport trailers are exposed to the elements during transport and your vehicle may arrive a little dirty. Enclosed transport offers a trailer that is enclosed and mostly shielded from the elements during transport.

We strive for Quality, Safe and Damage Free delivery service with both Open and Enclosed transport options.

Is my vehicle insured during transport?

Yes. The carriers transporting your vehicle are insured for any transport damage caused by the driver for the duration of the transport. It’s important to note that however rare, on open trailer shipments an instance of a Rock Chip is possible. Since this is not considered “Transport Damage”, this would not be covered by the carrier’s insurance.

We encourage our customers to keep their private insurance active while your vehicle is being transported.

What if my vehicle arrives at the destination with transport damage?

The driver assigned to transport your vehicle will complete an Inspection Report of the vehicle before loading on to the transport trailer. This inspection report is signed by the party at pickup. Once the vehicle arrives at the destination, that same Inspection Report is signed by the party at delivery. In the event that your vehicle has any transport damage, the damage will need to be clearly noted on the inspection report before it is signed by the party at delivery. Copies of this signed Inspection Report must be collected by the the parties at pickup and delivery.

Any transport damage not noted at the time of pickup but noted at the time of delivery will be covered by the carrier after ITL has been notified of the claim.

Where can I find honest customer reviews about ITL?

Customers have posted reviews for ITL on a few reputable business review sites. Yelp.com, Google Places and Angie’s List are good examples of honest business review sites.

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