Terms And Conditions for Interbay Transport Logistics

1) The customers shipping order and any shipment is subject to all terms and conditions of Carrier / Agent tariffs of the Uniform Straight Bill of Lading, copies of which are available to the customer at the time of pickup and delivery.

2) Customer / shipper acknowledges and agrees that Interbay Transport Logistic is hereby authorized to arrange shipment from the areas of origin and destination specified in the Shipping Order.

3) Customer / shipper acknowledges and agrees that while the carrier is liable to the owner on account of transport damage to the exterior of the vehicle, caused by the driver, while vehicle is being loaded, unloaded and while in transit, customer’s insurance is in force while vehicle is in transit to or from the transport trailer.

4) Customer / shipper is totally responsible for preparing vehicle for shipment. All loose parts, fragile or protruding accessories, low hanging spoilers, antennas, etc. must be removed and or properly secured by the customer / shipper before vehicle can be transported. Any part that falls off in transit is the customer / shippers responsibility, including any damage caused by loose or aftermarket parts.

5) Customer / shipper acknowledges agrees that Carrier / Agent does not guarantee pickup or delivery on specified dates of shipments although Carrier / Agent will make good faith attempts to transport the vehicle as promptly as possible and in accordance with the customer’s instructions. All Dates Are Estimated and may be delayed due to adverse weather / road conditions or equipment failure.

6) Customer / shipper acknowledges that the Carrier / Agent will not be liable for car rental fees due to a delay in the pickup, delivery or damage of a vehicle.

7) Customer / shipper acknowledges and agrees that the persons listed at the point of pickup and the point of delivery are appointed agents for the purpose of releasing the vehicle, accepting the vehicle and releasing Carrier / Agent from any and all claims upon accepting and signing for receipt of the vehicle. If the Customer / Appointed Agent is unavailable or does not accept delivery at a point of safe approach by Carrier’s equipment to the destination address, the carrier may place the vehicle at a storage facility, of the Carriers choice, near the area of delivery subject to a lien for all lawful charges. The liability on the part of the Carrier and Interbay Transport Logistics will cease when the vehicle is unloaded at the storage facility and the vehicle shall be considered as damage free.

8 ) Customer / shipper acknowledges that the vehicle will be covered by the Carriers’ cargo insurance. Any claim for loss or damage must be noted and signed on the condition report / Bill Of Lading at time of delivery. Signing the carrier’s condition report / Bill Of Lading at destination without notation of damages shall be evidence of satisfactory delivery of the vehicle. Any claim of damages caused by assigned Carrier must be made within 2 (two) days of delivery and must be reported to Interbay Transport Logistics. Customer will not seek to charge back a credit card or stop a check payment to offset any dispute for damage claims.

9) Customer / shipper acknowledges that all claims, subrogation, litigation or legal action must have the right of venue in King County, State of Washington.

10) Interbay Transport Logistics or the assigned carrier will not be liable for the following:

A) Damage or delays caused by Acts Of God, Vandalism or the authority of the law.

B) Damage caused by leaking fluids or industrial fallout.

C) Damage or loss to mechanical or electrical / electronic functions, exhaust systems, alignment, suspension, transmission, clutches, brakes or engine tuning while loading, unloading or in-transit.

D) Damage or loss to loose parts or special equipment such as louvers, camper tops, bed liners, cargo boxes, luggage racks or rack systems, canopy’s or aftermarket items when not properly secured to the vehicle. The carrier will not be liable to damage to spoilers, bumpers or ground effects with less than 6” of ground


E) Damage to tires not due to carrier negligence.

F) Damage caused by freezing or overheating of cooling systems or batteries. Protection from freezing or overheating is the responsibility of the customer / shipper.

G) Damage to interiors such as dash panels, headliners, carpet, seats, etc. (Vehicle interiors are not inspected prior to shipment) or glass cracks from a pre-existing defect.

H) Antennas that protrude more than 4” from the mount. Removal or detraction of antennas is the responsibility of the customer / shipper.

I) Cost or expenses, including towing or repair charges, resulting from a malfunctioning vehicle.

J) Damage or Loss to Personal items left in the vehicle.


Cancellation / Refund Policy

All cancellations of shipping orders must be made by email to ITL during normal business hours at least (1) business day before the “Dispatched and Scheduled” date of Pick-Up.
Any Cancellation of shipping orders made the day of “Dispatched and Scheduled” date of pickup will be charged a fee of $100.
Any cancellation of shipping orders made by email to ITL during normal business hours at least (1) business day before the “Dispatched and Scheduled” date of Pick-Up, will be refunded for 100% of any freight charges associated with the shipping order.